DUQUENDE ARCOS *2017, PRE gelding, 1,71m, price D

very tall, beautiful, versatile PRE gelding well trained and driven


DUQUENDE ARCOS 29/06/2017 is a very tall, beautiful, versatile PRE gelding. he has been ridden to a high level including all laterals, showing ability to bend and stretch well, he also hacks out with ease and is driven in a single and double carriage!
He is sired by Habilidoso RAM who is son of Educado X de Guardiola (Elite, mejorante & calificado). His mother Fedra XIII is based in blood lines of Lovera, Señorio de Bariain, Miura, Escalera.

Additional information


P.R.E., P.R.E. approved for breeding



training level

basic, carriage driving, hacking, high school dressage

price range

D 15000-20000 Euro