Papers & Organization

We take care of the purchase inspection, the official papers
and help with the transfer of ownership.

Buying a horse needs to be well planned, especially from abroad. We have the necessary experience and contacts to make the purchase of your new horse smooth and easy.

As soon as you have decided on a horse, an on-site purchase inspection is usually commissioned at the buyer’s request. Only when the vet gives the green light or you are absolutely sure, we proceed to the next step and prepare a purchase contract , which is formulated in German/Spanish.

The examination report is written in 3 languages and the original is given to the customer to take home or can travel with the horse’s transportation documents. Some customers would like to have the test results checked at home by a vet they trust. The digital X-ray images are sent by email or via a dropbox for storage. We make sure that the horses are vaccinated and dewormed if necessary and that they are in good condition for their journey. The equine passport must always remain with the horse as an international document. You will receive a copy of this document on request. For horses registered as PRE, there is an ownership card (“carta de titularidad / propiedad”), which is attached to the horse passport.

1-2 before transportation, an official veterinarian from the responsible veterinary office comes and examines the horse that is to go on the journey, checks its fitness to travel and identity and then issues the transportation documents.

Questions & Answers

Horse transportation – a question of trust, competence and experience

Since October 2021, the delivery stable to which the horse is transported has to be registered with the responsible veterinary office in the new NT Traces system. A short phone call is usually enough. We require the exact name of the stable owner, name of the stable, address and NT Traces number or confirmation that the stable has been activated in order to apply for the transport documents.

The transportation takes about 2-5 days and costs about € 1,200 to € 1,800. We can first ask the transport company for the exact price of the transport to your stable and give you an approximate calculation, but due to the constantly changing gasoline prices, the transport price can also change from time to time. However, we guarantee you the best possible calculation and pass on the prices as we receive them.

We cooperate with various transport companies. Best care, competent handling and comfortable accommodation as well as technical comfort are our top priority.

The transport can only be carried out by registered horse transporters who are themselves listed in the new NT Traces system as transporters, organizers and importers.

Thanks to many years of experience and the willingness of all parties involved to cooperate, we can handle the process professionally and reliably.

We always organize the transport documents directly with the veterinary office in cooperation with the transport company and a veterinarian. We do not charge any fees for our organization.

For horses registered as PRE, there is an ownership card (“carta de titularidad / propiedad”) which is attached to the horse passport.

This is later sent to the breeding association and transferred to your name. We offer our free support and help you to fill out the necessary forms and apply for the transfer at the Ancce (for Germany, Austria, Holland), or we can advise you where and how to do it at the respective breeding association of the respective country (e.g. Switzerland). For horses with an international equine passport, the veterinary office in your area is responsible for this.