Campeon *2019, gelding, 1.61m, ***sold***

Smart, baroque Cremello gelding with blue eyes, an eye-catcher for leisure and trail rides, show and high school dressage! Piaffe, Spanish walk and reference! Clean X-rays!


Campeon *12/7/2019 is a baroque, beautiful cream color gelding with blue eyes, a smart boy, very easily bonding and absolutely reliable in every life situation! In February 2024 he participated in  the Candelario pilgrim ride to El Rocio with his owner and family, where he proved his reliability in groups and alone during the day and at night on the sandy ground! He is a clever horse with a charming character! He loves cuddles, comes to meet you with an open heart and completely unblemished. Thanks to his talent, he is very trainable and loves new tasks. He has already learned the bow, the Spanish walk with very high leg action and the piaffe in hand, starting under the rider. As he is an uncomplicated horse, he doesn’t need to be ridden on a regular basis and can be ridden straight away even after longer breaks. A gentleman in every respect! Ideal for leisure, high school, show, trekking and as a family horse. Capitan has a set of clean X-rays  from 06/09/2022.

Additional information

training level

basic, hacking, high school dressage, trick training




160-165 cm / 15.3-16.1 hh


Andalusian without breeding papers

price range

C 10000-15000 Euro