ARMAS REFUGIO *2020, PRE stallion, 1,60m, price C

Plaza de Armas PRE stallion well ridden, professional trainer, trick training, hacking, ideal combination of sports horse and pleasure riding!


ARMAS REFUGIO *05/03/2020 is a special PRE stallion bred by Plaza de Armas (Florencio Moreno Moreno) . He is well built, classical type, combining the baroque and sports horse. He moves exceptional well. He has a strong charismatic aura and a smart mind. He has been owned by his owner since foal and is now being trained by a professional trainer in dressage, hacking and natural horsemanship. His father Armas Zujar (calificado) is grandson of Navarro VI (Marin Garcia). His mother Armas Lacena is granddaughter of the mistic dressage stallion Impaciente II (Elite, Mejorante, calificado!) one of the very few existing elite PRE of the world (Video Playlist)! Just this pedigree makes Refugio to a very special horse, an investment for future breeding and dressage stallion.


Additional information

training level

basic, dressage, hacking, trick training




155-160 cm / 15.1-15.3 hh, 160-165 cm / 15.3-16.1 hh



price range

C 10000-15000 Euro