Tango CLIX *2015, PRE gelding, 1,65m, price B

charming black PRE gelding, ideal leisure and family horse

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Tango CLIX * 21/04/2015 is a charming black PRE gelding, mainly used as a leisure horse, rides to the beach, along roads, alone or in company. He has a solid training in the riding arena which may need a bit of polishing. He is above all a very sweet horse wo loves to bond and play. Ideal for Natural Horsemanship, you may ride him in a dressage saddle, multi purpose or even in a Western saddle, he is vesatile and flexible. His owner is looking for a loving home where he is being well looked after and cared for, just as she is doing. He is  used to TLC and loves to cuddle and bond. His pedigree is based in very significant brandings such as Marques de Velilla (mainly black), Granda Losada, Daza as well as some pure Carthusian lines from Hermanos Cardenas, Urquijo, Romero Benitez and Yeguada La Cartuja (bocado branding).


Additional information

training level

basic, hacking





price range

B 5000-10000 Euro