visiting the Atlantik beaches

When you are planning to visit the Atlantic coast, you might just as well combine your trip with a visit of Gibraltar (take your passport!) , a beach ride in Tarifa or participate the whale watching tour setting off at Tarifa (please book in advance). But you might just as well enjoy the whole day the white beaches, in particular we recommend to stay at the beach of Bolonia! There is a dune at the end of the beach where people like to run down, there are also some places where the water is gathering with therapeutic mud which you can spread over your body and wash it off later in the refreshing sea. These “picinas naturales” you will find walking to the left if you face the sea to the end of the beach. You have to rub the stones of mud together in order to get the therapeutic natural skin package. Best is to watch the peole from where exactly they take the mud or just dig it out of the paddles. Combine your walk along the beach with these adventures, also visit the roman village and archaelogical complex of the Baelo Claudia and the museum directly at the beach side (free entrance). There is a nice hack passing the natural pools, walking back through the forest, which takes about 2 1/2 hours ( see decription here) . After all, there are very nice simple restaurants directly by the beach.


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