Picadero 90 – livery and training stable

Picadero 90 is a training yard and livery stable near Malaga of the Spanish champion in high school dressage, Manuel Aranda Peral!

He has been Andalusian an Spanish Champion before with his home bred stallion Jerezano, and is now competing and winning with the Frisian stallion Camaron who is also  competing as a carriage horse!

Manolo has started the Doma Vquera style already as a kid and his way of training and teaching is as versatile as his riding styles. He loves to work even without any bridle or bit, hacks out on just a halter and combines the natural horsemanship with trick training and dressage to a top level. Together with hisfather and brother they also compete in indoor  Marathon.

A lot of our clients have had their horses with Manolo for training  and are very happy about the results. From backing to high school dressage, your horse will be looked after and well-kept and trained in his hands.

You can take riding lessons here as well! With well trained  horses to suit your riding standard you can improve your riding no matter if you want to start with the lunge or ride a well-trained horse. You may also enjoy a beach ride (3 hours 40 Euro/person) or make a little tour with the carriage in the authentic countryside of Andalusia, you can get this here as well.



12 de octubre de 2014:
Manuel Aranda Peral mit Camarón.

Manuel Aranda Peral High School Kür 02-10-2015

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