Paragliding tandem flight

Paragliding tandem flight in Málaga is a unique sensation. You fly with a qualified professional, and it includes the Civil Liability insurance required by law.

Where we fly: Teba, Cañete la Real, Casarabonela; All places are in between 40 minutes from Malaga city.  The whole activity can take up to 2-3 hours, as it depends a lot on meteorological conditions. Beside that, reaching the take-off, preparations and fly itself can take some time.

What to bring: Sport shoes, long trousers and summer jacket

Price: 90€; DURATION APROX.: 20 MINUTES; Extras: Video report of the flight: +20€ p.p.; Acrobatic Flight: +20€ p.p. The acrobatic flight lasts 15 minutes.; Flight as a couple: +10€ p.p. Normally the flights are made one by one; But if you want to fly with another person at the same time, we must have an extra pilot. You must mention this extra at the time of booking your flight.; Drive for few minutes: +10€ p.p.; Fly extra time (+10 minutes): +20€ p.p. Contact: Carina Bais +34 645 463 887

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