Toledano *2012, stallion, 1,64m, price D

Toledano *2012, stallion, 1,64m, price D

Toledano *20/05/2012 is a lovely Andalusian dapple grey stallion, very sweet and bonding to the human. He has been living in freedom outside as a youngster so he could develop healthily and naturally until he was stabled and started by loving hands of a German lady. She has started him gently and is now riding him several tine a week, always working part of the training unit in freedom without lunge and rope. He follows you and bonds with you like a dog and he is very keen to learn and watches you intensely in order to find out what comes next. He is used to listen to voice and body commands, he really enjoys this kind to work a lot, and he has a sense of humor which makes it so pleasant to be around this wonderful horse! Always ridden in a snaffle, now started in double bit – he stand perfectly still to mount him , normally with a step, and he is also being worked a lot with transitions and stretching on long reins between and after the training. He also enjoys hacking out to relax after training or on the weekends. Toledano has been prepared to compete in dressage level St Georg in season 2020! he has flying changes, piaffe and passage.

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Andalusien no Papers




Basic Ridden, Dressage, Hacking, High School Dressage


D 15000-20000 Euro