TALENTOSO RAM *2016, PRE stallion, 1,57m, price B

TALENTOSO RAM *2016, PRE stallion, 1,57m, price B

TALENTOSO RAM *12/04/2016 from the breeder and with the branding of RAFAEL AYALA MUÑOZ is a  baroque PRE stallion of the old type, a rarity to find nowadays of such beautiful conformation! Also his character is sweet and easy, bonding to the human and willing to learn and work, even on uneven ground, his movements are steady and with natural rhythm. Talentoso has been living outside in the fields with the other horses of the breeder until he was 3 years old. He is ridden in the basics, also  hacks out, very easy going and well behaving in company with other horses. His grandfather, the mejorante stallion  Yegüerito III (Bohorquez) is based in Romero Benitez where this baroque look is rooted. His mother Talentosa RAM (Ayala Muñoz) is sired by Kalimo V who has the green ribbon as recommended dressage breeding stallion, and he is son of the world famous mejorante stallion Educado X. Her breeding is rooted in Guardiola, Franzisco Santiago and Escalera. Talentoso has clean x-rays!


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Basic Ridden, Hacking


B 5000-10000 Euro