Sorpresa *2018, stallion, 1,55m, price B

Sorpresa *2018, stallion, 1,55m, price B

Sorpresa *2/2/2018  is a fairy tale horse, almost like an unicorn! In spite of his tender age he is well matured physically as well as mentally, being brought forward gently by professional guidance. He is being trained from the ground in natural horsemanship and some trick training like lying down, reference and Spanish Walk. He is ever so smart and keen to learn, ridden in the basics on loose reins allowing him to stretch and find his balance. He is also safe to hack out in the countryside and along roads. He feels like an older horse as to his facilities to carry himself well. A fantastic horse to enjoy. His name means surprise, as he is surprisingly clever, and also the fair price will be a surprise to you!

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Basic Ridden, Hacking, Trick Training


B 5000-10000 Euro