Sanson *2012, gelding, 1,56m, price B

Sanson *2012, gelding, 1,56m, price B

Sanson  *19/07/2012 is a pretty, solid built gelding, mother Anglo-Arab, father Arab breed. He is a well experienced, very save and reliable hacking and tracking horse, having been to the pilgrim ride El Rocio and Romerias. He is a long lasting, healthy and fit horse, well ridden in the arena, very correct training. His owner has purchased him as a 3-year old and done all the 6training himself. Meanwhile Sanson is a well-loved horse also for less experienced riders to learn with him and use him as a hacking horse. He has well established basic training including laterals, zick-zack, half pass, shoulder in, buttocks in and also does canter from walk, also easy going on long reins, doing transitions without using the reins. He is used to be ridden one-handed on a pelham, but may easily be changed to snaffle as he is also being ridden without any bit and  bareback. He may also have a second rider on his back as tradition on the ferias here. A versatile horse which has potential for various skills, dressage for his wonderful gaits, smooth and elastic, but also towards working equitation as this is the style he has been trained by his rider. Sanson has very good quality hoof, healthy teeth and has an equine passport.

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Andalusien no Papers, Arab




Basic Ridden, Hacking


B 5000-10000 Euro