QUITASUEÑOS SM *2017, PRE stallion, 1,65m, price C

QUITASUEÑOS SM *2017, PRE stallion, 1,65m, price C

QUITASUEÑOS SM *28/07/2017 from the breeder Yeguada Buena Suerte is an impressive PRE stallion of good height, very baroque yet well moving, full of expression, typical old type PRE! He has been used for hacking and leisure riding so far but certainly brings a lot of potential especially from the aspect of baroque riding style. He is a charismatic PRE, with a heart of gold, and if you don’t mind these few white patches in his fur dues to a wrong saddle belt and the white patches on the legs from bad protectors ( only superficial!), you will fond the best horse ever in him, as he is fit and healthy altogether. He is sired by Yulio JEM from the breeder Muñoz de Abelda going back to the lines of Franzisco Fernandez Daza and Antonio Lorenzo Rodriguez.  His mother Cocinera V is rooted in Escalera lines, Miura and Martinez Boloix.


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Basic Ridden, Hacking


C 10000-15000 Euro