POLEO IX * 2008, PRE stallion, Price B

POLEO IX * 2008, PRE stallion, Price B

very beautiful example of his breed standard, well driven and leisure ridden

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Poleo is a PRE stallion of excellent qualities and beauty! Bred and grown up in the natural environment of the mountains in Serrania de Ronda, Poleo could develop healthily and develop a good social behavior. He is used to dogs, geese and lots of animals typical for a farm life, also tractor and building machines as well as traffic and country roads don’t bother him at all. He is being used for carriage driving mainly alone, passing fields, forests and roads. He is always working well and reliable as well passing the mud and difficult paths as well as being a star at ferias or festivities. In the video you can see his amazing movements, and he is a horse to enjoy for leisure to drive or ride, or for future competitions, to represent his breed! Being brother of ORGULLOSO CXI he is son of Juqueton XII, who is bred by Miguel Angel de Cardenas (pure Carthusian!). His mother being rooted in the Agente-lines of the military stud, is bringing precious lines as well!


Additional information


155-160 cm

Age class



B 5000-10000 Euro




Carriage, Hacking



birth date

* 21/01/2008


1,57 m

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