PERFECTO LOS HOYOS *2017, PRE stallion, 1,60m, price B

PERFECTO LOS HOYOS *2017, PRE stallion, 1,60m, price B

PERFECTO LOS HOYOS *14/02/2017 is a high quality PRE stallion from the breeder YEGUADA GARCIA MORILLA, where he has grown up in free nature with his mates. He has now been stabled since winter 19/20 on behalf of the breeder and is getting trained and brought forward. He came unblemished, never been handled before and within a few days has been bonding easily, very relaxed and friendly. This horse will give you all if you let him. His amazing gaits are showing large movements with a beautiful natural rhythm. He is meanwhile ridden in the basics in the riding arena and hacks out absolutely calm and relaxed, he is ever so friendly and never ever shows any bad stallion behaviour. Around mares he is more like a gelding than any other gelding. You can see his fantastic transformation he went through during le past year, now being 3 1/2 half years old only and already a proud example of his breed standard!

His father Perfecto W has been presented at 2 morphology shows and won them both, being himself sired by calificado and blue ribbon stallion Digital, former Spanish champion! Perfecto’s mother Almonteña JR is mainly based in the breeding lines of Noblesa del Guadiana   with strong Carthusian background.



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B 5000-10000 Euro