PERDIGON *2016, gelding, 1,60m, price C

PERDIGON *2016, gelding, 1,60m, price C

PERDIGON *01/05/2016 is a nice, well ridden black Andalusian gelding. He has been started with just over 3 years and not been forced much, he is such a willing and trainable horse that he is fast learning and above all, he is really looking after his rider. Perdigon is the kind of horse which adapts to his rider and is forgiving. He is used to roads and traffic and has a good level of training in the riding arena: pirouettes in walk, Spanish Walk, Piaffe, half pass and work in laterals, shoulder in, first flying changes, canter from walk. Perdigon has passed  a clean basic vet check with report as well as a set of clean x-rays.


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Andalusien no Papers




Basic Ridden, Hacking, High School Dressage


C 10000-15000 Euro