PACHARAN V *2018, PRE stallion, 1,62m, price B

PACHARAN V *2018, PRE stallion, 1,62m, price B

PACHARAN V *02/04/2018 is a beautiful, well built and very well ridden PRE stallion of decent size, still in process of maturing. He has a splendid character, well behaved and easy to ride. You can tell how well he moves best watching him in freedom, his amazing capacity to trot with such grace and beauty, the canter well collected and a nice over track in walk. He is being handled and ridden professionally with gently touch. He has laterals like shoulder in and renvers in walk and trot, half pass in walk, trot & canter, nice transitions and also hacks out. His pedigree is very promising as he is mainly based in strong dressage lines, going back to Oriol, Miura, Paco Lazo, Blanca Domecq! He is even approved for breeding so he would be an amazing breeding stallion to maintain these good lines for future breeding stock. His father  Kalahari-Azores is a calificado stallion from the breeder YEGUADA DE AZORES, he has 106 registered PRE off spring. His mother Presumida CXXXVI is based in very good dressage lines, Marin Garcia and also has Carthusian influence.


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Approved, P.R.E.




Basic Ridden, Dressage, Hacking


B 5000-10000 Euro