OSADO AP *2009, PRE stallion, 1,58m, price C

OSADO AP *2009, PRE stallion, 1,58m, price C

stunning PRE from Peralta, ridden in bullfighting, hacking out to ferias, works one handed and easy!

OSADO AP *30/03/2009 is a pure bred Carthusian PRE stallion from the breeder Peralta who is famous for his stunning horses in the dressage world, up to Grand Prix level as well as his bullfighting horses (see also peralta in facebook!) .  Osado is also such a versatile horse, beautiful and smart, ridden to a nice level of easy to ride performance. He has half pass in canter, stops, backwards, and canter from walk, all easy to ride upright without any need of strength. He is a nice reacting horse, obedient and he does the work for you, you may learn to relax riding him as you know he never fails. He has proved his brave character in bullfights, and has been to ferias where you have the fun factor in him. He might be very interesting for those searching a suitable horse for working equitation or as a stunt horse for shows and film. Even as a breeding stallion he might be of interest in future as to his really good pedigree which is pure Carthusian!


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Basic Ridden, Doma Vaquera Working Equitation, Hacking


C 10000-15000 Euro