ORO *2011, stallion, 1,58m, price B

ORO *2011, stallion, 1,58m, price B

ORO *01/06/2014 is an outstanding pretty golden Palomino stallion, calm and well behaved. He has been started with 4 years in the end of 2018  and is mainly being ridden by a young women. He is driven in a single carriage and has been to the feria of Malaga in August 2019, absolutely calm and safe.  His temper is very pleasant, he is curious, bonding easily and has been taught to lift feet, standing nicely for mounting and is a  real sweetheart! Being stable at a mixed yard, he is used to noise and trouble, mares and dogs, children and also used to lorries passing nearby.

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Andalusien no Papers




Started under Saddle


B 5000-10000 Euro