NR NOTARIO *2021, PRE stallion, 1,62m, price D-E

NR NOTARIO *2021, PRE stallion, 1,62m, price D-E

NR NOTARIO * 05/02/2021 is a talented young PRE stallion just started a little to be ridden with the lunge. He has tremendous potential for dressage as to his trainable mind and genetic disposal: his father Jecomias CEN (1,70 m)  is based in best dressage lines, mainly based in Lovera. Remarcable the fact that Jecomias mother Feconia-Cen   (Notario’s grandmother) is sired by Ubio who is the only PRE stallion who is also registered as a breeding stallion in the Hannoverian stud book! He is father of Charlie Brown who won as a 6-year old the international dressage competition at the Sicab 2017 with incredible 83,8 %!

Notarior’s mother NR Notaria, calificado, is sired by Americano XXXIII (calificado, Mejorante, dressage breeding stallion, ELITE!!), successful dressage stallion, see his results including more pictures and videos competing here) Americano is son of Corinto X  and grandson of the Elite stallion Educado X (Guardiola).


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Green, Started under Saddle


D 15000-20000 Euro, E 20000-25000 Euro


160-165 cm