Nevado *2015, stallion, 1,57m, price B

Nevado *2015, stallion, 1,57m, price B

beautiful baroque Appaloosa stallion!

Nice, baroque shaped Appaloosa  stallion, very pretty fur color called Leopard Pattern! Nevado has just been started  to be lunged and is now slowly being prepared and  started under the saddle. He is absolutely sweet and easy to handle. This breed is known to be very safe and with good character, preferably chosen by western riders, but we can also see him doing working equitation in future as to his really good gaits and elegant paces.

…”It was not until the Spanish Conquistadors came with their horses that the Appaloosa reached the Americas. These horses were then stolen or bought by the local Indians. The American Indians — specifically the Nez Perce tribe located in present-day Oregon and Washington — were particularly proficient in horse breeding and herd management; thus, the Appaloosa breed thrived and propagated. The Appaloosa was particularly valued because of its spots which served as good camouflage.

When white settlers came to the United States, they christened the spotted horse the “Palouse horse,” borrowing the name of a local river. This name eventually became “Appaloosey,” and in 1938 — the same year that the Appaloosa Horse Club was established – the breed was officially proclaimed the Appaloosa. And so the Appaloosa horse breed came to be. Later, the classic Appaloosa stock was improved by crossbreeding with the Arab and Quarter Horse breeds. The Appaloosa Horse Club is still in existence today and has about 500,000 registered horses on file….” (source:

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B 5000-10000 Euro