NERO BB *2015, PRE stallion, 1,67m, price C

NERO BB *2015, PRE stallion, 1,67m, price C

NERO BB *25/02/2015 is a stunning looking very tall yet baroque shaped PRE stallion. He has been started late and is therefore ridden in the basic until now. He may even be ridden without bit, as cou can see in the second part of the new video. He has a trainable mind, is gentle and very pleasant to be around. An example of his breed standard! In spite of his size, he moves elegant and well forward. He sits down for you and has a special sense of humor, just like his trainer who likes to give him long reins to relax and stretch. Nero is able to keep the balance even with long reins in  walk, trot and canter, easy to control, relaxed feeling riding him! He would also be interesting as a future breeding stallion as to his fantastic blood lines. Sired by black Lobato XVB from the breeder  FRANCISCO HIGUERA LOPEZ, he has mainly Granda Losada, Lovera and Cardena. His mother Cañera Vives is sired by Carmelo II (see picture) from the color breeder Paco Marti. We also find Lovera und Granda Losada. Nero BB has a set of clean x-rays.


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C 10000-15000 Euro