Nabarro ACD *2014, PRE stallion, 1,61m, ***sold***

Nabarro ACD *2014, PRE stallion, 1,61m, ***sold***

Nabarro ACD * 15/06/2014   is an outstanding pretty  PRE stallion from a small private breeder in Malaga, where he grew up in freedom. We have known this horse so to say from birth (see the picture as a colt). He is now a beautiful baroque shaped PRE of the old type, well ridden in the basics and absolutely bomb proof in traffic as you can see in the video. He has a wonderful character, absolutely easy and nice to bond. His blood lines are very good as his father is the 100 % pure Miura stallion Mimoso XLI (see picture). Nabarro is the type of horse who is very easy to be around, intelligent, fast learning and well responding to voice and body commands. He is a very long lasting horse  always ready to work yet also doesn’t mind if there is a break and he is not being ridden for a while. He is a laid back horse yet ready to work with his energy when you need it.


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Basic Ridden, Hacking


B 5000-10000 Euro