Manolete *2013, gelding, 1,59m, price A-B

Manolete *2013, gelding, 1,59m, price A-B

Manolete *03/01/2013 is a pretty dapple grey gelding, ridden mainly as al  leisure horse but also trained from time to time by a professional rider who is teaching him a little piaffe from the ground, Spanish Walk and half pass. Manolete is owned by an older man who needs to sell him for his age. His father is a light Palomino Lusitano stallion, his mother a well working Spanish riding mare. On one of the pictures you can see his buckskin brother. Manolete is staying outside in a field, fenced with electric fencing, so he is used to open fields and horse company. Unfortunately, he is not carrying anymore such a long mane, but this is the price for a happier life outside with more horses.

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Basic Ridden, Hacking


A Up to 5000 Euro, B 5000-10000 Euro