Lucitano *2018, stallion, 1,62m, price D

Lucitano *2018, stallion, 1,62m, price D

Lucitano *20/01/2018 is a really beautiful Lusitano stallion, dark buckskin, pretty face, classical profile, typical Lusitano body, well-built and nice proportions! He is a friendly horse which has been used to hack out, be on ferias, around children and stays calm, is like a family member! Well kept and ridden as he is stabled at a professional dressage yard. He has a well- established level f training according to his age: half pass in walk, trot & canter, counter canter, riding on long reins without loosing collection, speed control and transitions on long reins, he always stays calm and is a smart, motivated horse to train! No stallion behavior whatsoever, even at the ferias next to a mare! Lucitano has a set of clean x-rays which had been taken when he was 2 years old, when he was purchased by his current owner.

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Basic Ridden, Hacking


D 15000-20000 Euro


160-165 cm