Loli *2006, mare, 1,54m, price A

Loli *2006, mare, 1,54m, price A

An arm chair to ride, a pleasure tio drive!

Loli * 20/05/2006 is a baroque typical Andalusian mare, well ridden & driven!  She has a super character sweet and loving, enjoys spending time with people, happy to please in any way she can. Loli is a calm laid back horse with the ability to give confidence to even novice riders. She has been to ferias and romerias, where there are plenty of carriages , riders and she passes the traffic without any problem. Also she is  a fantastic driver so he is 100% bomb-proof on the road a very trustworthy horse. She is also very nice to ride in a side saddle and to train new horses for the carriage.

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Andalusien no Papers




Basic Ridden, Carriage, Hacking


A Up to 5000 Euro