Lancelot *2014, gelding, 1,63m, price B

Lancelot *2014, gelding, 1,63m, price B

Lancelot * 03/2014 is a lovely, athletic horse, a French Trotter with papers. He has been imported to Spain from France when he was young and purchased by a German lady hobby rider, who has had him since. She had him vetted 2,5 years ago with fantastic results, proving his athletic condition even as a youngster! She has been to a pilgrim ride through the Spanish Coto Doñana last year together with many other horses, and he is ever so good, to hack out, work in the riding school and handling. He showers without issue, is save with the farrier, tacks up and mounts absolutely nicely. He is a very good boy in every aspect. He is only being sold for lack of time. He has been schooled on a regular base constantly without any time pressure, but therefore he has learnt a lot! His level of schooling is very pleasant including: half pas, pirouettes in walk, beautiful transitions even from walk to canter and canter to walk, he also has smooth elastic movements and would brill as a dressage or sports horse!

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Basic Ridden, Dressage, Hacking


B 5000-10000 Euro