KAISER FF *2019, PRE stallion, 1,54 m, ***sold***

KAISER FF *2019, PRE stallion, 1,54 m, ***sold***

KAISER FF *29/03/2019 is a precious PRE stallion, very pretty with long mane, ridden in the basics including hacking out and streets / roads. A very pleasant horse, gentle and easily bonding to the human. He is elegant, well-moving, easy to collect because of his well-built exterior. He has nice natural collection and may be therefore ridden even on long reins without losing his collection as you can see in the video. KAISER FF has been bred  in the mountains north of Malaga where she has grown up in a natural and healthy way, still living in these wide beautiful fields in the group. His breeding lines are based in precious color breeding lines: Sired by buckskin stallion Diluido del Bayo   (EeAAcrCr) (see picture) , son of buckskin Dante V (see picture) and Dauradella II (see picture) from the breeder Yeguada El Bayo. Kaiser’s mother Elegida FF, a chestnut brood mare of the breeder,  is granddaughter of Camborio XXII (see picture!), who was owned by our friend and neighbor, and this horse has sired a lot of mares producing beautiful and always very nice and gentle off spring! Camborio is bred by the breeder “media guitarra” being based in very good old blood lines: Pallares, Lovera, Bohorquez, Vara Muñoz and Yeguada Militar


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Basic Ridden, Hacking


B 5000-10000 Euro