Isabella *2020, mare, 1,56m, price B

Isabella *2020, mare, 1,56m, price B

Isabella *27/06/2020 is a beautiful light palomino Lusitano Mix filly, she grew up in the fields, together with her 1 month younger half-brother. Bred by a private German lady breeder, she has always been handled since birth, learning playfully to bond, lift up the feet, get the halter put, being lead around, and being taken for walks along roads, passing cars and tractors, she even enters a trailer without problems!

She looks very much alike her beautiful father Brandy, a beautiful cream pinto Lusitano-Mix, a Luso-Arab-PRE (see photo), her mother is a darker palomino mare. Both parents can be viewed at the stud farm. Here the horses are allowed to be horses, the foals are born naturally on the pasture, where the stallion is allowed to live in nature with his mare during the mating season. They are all wormed (every 3 months) and all vaccinated against influenza and tetanus, location: Galicia.

If you wish, you can visit the horses yourself, perhaps in combination with a trip to Santiago de Compostella!

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B 5000-10000 Euro