Invasor RH *2015, PRE gelding, 1,57m, price B

Invasor RH *2015, PRE gelding, 1,57m, price B

Special PRE gelding, well started in the basics

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Invasor RH * 06/01/2015 is a PRE gelding,  stabled in August 2017! He is very well ridden  under professional guidance on a snaffle only! A fantastic horse, watching his pedigree is an interesting prospect. His father Navideño CA has been originally bred by the breeder Peña de Bejar where you find exceptional horses for dressage and sport. He is sired by calificado stallion Bronco VII, based in pure Candau lines. Invasor’s mother Faraona CU is sired by calificado stallion Colombiano X (Bohorquez) whom we love for his fantastic off-spring; they have won all together more than 50 medals in functionality competitions , and some of whom have become Spanish Vice champions and Andalusian champions!  He himself is a beauty  (1,68 m) , son of Spanish Champion Rondeño XI and Colombiana II (both Bohorquez) . The importance of these lines are tremendous!

Furthermore Faraona CU is granddaughter of the world famous Mejorante stallion (blue ribbon) Educado X (Guardiola).


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Started under Saddle


B 5000-10000 Euro