IMPULSOR FF *2017, stallion, 1,56m, price B

IMPULSOR FF *2017, stallion, 1,56m, price B


IMPULSOR FF *4/4/2017 is a young rose grey stallion from the breeder YEGUADA EL MOLINILLO, where he has been brought up in plain nature with his mates outside in the fields.

He has a very sweet character and is in spite of his tender age already a little ridden, allowing him time and without any pressure. The rider is giving him the long reins and lets him find his balance only using a light snaffle and hardly any touch. He is absolutely nice and trainable. He is learning from the very beginning to trust the rider, so that it is easy to get on him and jump off him with the reins hanging loose without him even moving, just standing there relaxed. So this makes it easy for the new owner to  train him. He is now ready to take over and continue his training or just give him some more time before restarting. A fantastic horse at a fair price, directly from the breeder. He is a pure bred PRE as his brothers, but as his mother died, he could not be registered as PRE anymore in time.

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Andalusien no Papers




Basic Ridden, Started under Saddle


B 5000-10000 Euro