ILUSTRADO FF *2017, PRE stallion, 1,58m, price B

ILUSTRADO FF *2017, PRE stallion, 1,58m, price B

ILUSTRADO FF *14/01/2017 is a young dark grey PRE stallion from the breeder YEGUADA EL MOLINILLO, where he has been brought up in plain nature with his mates outside in the fields. He has been started under the rider in spring time 2020 and is well ridden in the basics, easy going on soft snaffle reins. He has a trainable mind, is trustful and curious to learn, and above all, trusts his humans. He is being treated in a nice warm hearted way, ridden only on a snaffle and has no bad experiences which makes it so easy to work with him. He is now ready to take over and continue his training. A fantastic horse at a fair price, directly from the breeder. His father Ole VIII is sired by the mejorante Bohorquez stallion Yegüerito III based in mainly Romero Benitez, Pallarez and Yeguada Militar lines (Dedil 1962). His mother Levita IX is based in Bohorquez, Granda Losada, Yeguada Militar and Martinez Boloix. As all these horses from the breeder, he is not wearing shoes and has solid, healthy hoof.


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B 5000-10000 Euro