HORTELANO AR *2014, PRE stallion, 1,65m, price F

HORTELANO AR *2014, PRE stallion, 1,65m, price F

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Hortelano AR *15/06/2014 is a high quality PRE stallion for dressage prospect. He has very good gaits, easy and comfortable for the rider, especially his canter is ever so cozy. He has a natural collection and would now be ready to take over and continue the training. He  has been trained by a professional dressage rider since the age of 4 years, bringing him forward slowly and gently, but permanently, so he has now easy going gaits and does laterals, shoulder in, half pass, and very nice walk – canter and canter – walk transitions, backwards, canter pirouettes and starting now the canter changes.  He has already been to dressage competitions successfully. On the  video from March 2019 you can see him being ridden by a riding student of 16 years being guided by her trainer. The other video is from May 2019, the latest video from national competition Copa Ancce where he has achived 74 % and won 1st! He has a set of clean x-rays. As Hortelano is stabled in the north of Spain, we will help you organize your trip to visit him and your stay over there. You will be collected from the airport and they speak English there.


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Basic Ridden, Dressage


F 25000-30000 Euro