HIRCO DE AIMARAN *2015, PRE stallion, 1,68m, price E

HIRCO DE AIMARAN *2015, PRE stallion, 1,68m, price E

Hirco de Aimaran *14/03/2015  is a tall, approved  PRE stallion from the breeder Aimaran. Ridden in a snaffle, he has walk, trot and canter and beginning laterals and half pass.  Hirco has been correctly trained from the start and grown up in the wide fields of the breeder in the mountains north of Malaga, allowing him time to develop and enjoy his childhood. A gentleman throughout, he has been well educated and behaves nice and gently, takcing him up, grooming and riding, He has the necessary energy to work hard for dressage but would also brill as a leisure horse. His blood lines are 100 % Carthusian, based in the very rare and precious Lumbrera branding (bell) and bocado, which would also make him interesting as a future breeding stallion.


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Approved, P.R.E.


Basic Ridden, Dressage


E 20000-25000 Euro