GANDUL IV *2003, PRE stallion, 1,60m, ***sold***

GANDUL IV *2003, PRE stallion, 1,60m, ***sold***

GANDUL IV *10/03/2003 is a fairy tale approved PRE snow white stallion, well ridden on the basics, also hacks out and is driven with a carriage. An ideal leisure horse as a combination maybe also as a breeding stallion as he is already approved for breeding, although he has never covered mares so far. His pedigree is very much worth in keeping these old lines and creating a good basic for the precious PRE breed standards in future! His is originally bred by the breeder Sebastian Brenes wo is well known for the most beautiful PREs combined with fantastic movements, very expressive, smart horses, bonding strongly to their humans. This lines goes back to the mistic Nostalgico (Terry) and his mother Jelenia II is based in Yeguada Militar lines, Escalera and Miura.


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Approved, P.R.E.




Basic Ridden, Carriage, Hacking


155-160 cm, 160-165 cm