Galifa *2012, gelding, 1,67m, price D

Galifa *2012, gelding, 1,67m, price D

Galifa *24/2/2012 is a tall, beautiful Andalusian gelding, ridden to a high level. This horse has it all, he is not only a pretty stunning looking horse with amazing elegant gaits but also a gentleman with a heart of gold, a well trained horse, easy to ride, a joy for ambitioned riders as well as for those who are looking for a special horse for pleasure riding. He is being brought forward in a training yard. His level of training includes half pass, shoulder in, renvers, flying changes, canter pirouettes, Piaffe and starting with passage, as well as hacking out. Above all, he even has a set of clean x-rays!

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Andalusien no Papers




Basic Ridden, Dressage, Hacking


D 15000-20000 Euro