Flamenco *2016, gelding, 1,58m, price B-C

Flamenco *2016, gelding, 1,58m, price B-C

Flamenco *30/9/2016 is a typical Andalusian golden buckskin gelding, ridden and tacked the traditional Spanish way in a Vaquero saddle and Spanish pelham. Very easy and comfortable ride! He  is not only a reliable, brave and experienced hacking horse, but also fun to ride in the riding school presenting quite a high level of schooling: half pass in walk, trot, cater, pirouettes in walk and canter, flying changes and Spanish Walk with help from the ground. A smart and 100 % safe, friendly horse, ready to take over and enjoy from the first moment.

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Andalusien no Papers


Basic Ridden, Doma Vaquera Working Equitation, Hacking




B 5000-10000 Euro, C 10000-15000 Euro