Festin Nadales II *2016, PRE stallion, 1,64m, price D

Festin Nadales II *2016, PRE stallion, 1,64m, price D

Festin Nadales II *20/08/2016 – a rarity! This is a very beautiful, graceful PRE stallion from the breeder Yeguada Nadales, ridden and driven to a high level. He has an attitude to learn, bonds easily and has a clear mind to be able to take in a lot of training. He has been started from the ground before starting the rider, so he is now very easy to bring forward. Stabled at a professional training and show yard, he has been guided together with his brothers, to be driven and learning the dressage high school. He has already half pass in walk, trot and canter, starting a nice extended trot, and perfect piaffe, Spanish walk, passage, canter pirouette, flying changes, shoulder in, all ridden on a snaffle. Furthermore he is driven in a single, double and 4- horse carriage! He is ever so talented, and also enjoys himself to hack out. In the driving pictures and video you can see him together with: TRIANERO NADALES II, QUIS NADALES II, Gacho Nadales III. The breeding lines of his father Brandy Nadales are mainly based in Marin Garcia (Pampero VII calificado) , his mother Festina X is based almost purely in Pallares lines (z.B. Poderoso VI, calificado).


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Basic Ridden, Carriage, Hacking, High School Dressage


D 15000-20000 Euro