Fandango MAF II *2017, PRE stallion, 1,70m, ***sold***

Fandango MAF II *2017, PRE stallion, 1,70m, ***sold***

Fandango MAF II *20/06/2017 is a fairy tale PRE stallion, very tall yet baroque and representing all the breed standard requirements. He is a very sweet tempered horse, absolutely cuddly and bonding easily. He has a lot of hacking experience, in fact we would call him a strong and long lasting allrounder for countryside, roads as he has participated in ferias and even in the pilgrim ride El Rocio! He is nevertheless very talented in the riding arena performing the basic training as well as some lateral work, whereas you can feel his nice respond to the legs. A fantastic horse for tall riders as well as a leisure and pleasure horse also ideal for working in the arena!  His father Ingrato AMII from the breeder Yeguada Aquilino Moya is sired by Celtico IV by Guardiola, who’s father Barquito (Guardiola) is a calificado and mejorante approved stallion. His mother Novata Jara is also based in Escalera, Castillo Villafranca und Yeguada Militar lines as well as Escalera, Castillo Villafranca and Yeguada Militar. Fandango MAF II has passed a vet check with vet report and has clean x rays.


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Dressage, Hacking


D 15000-20000 Euro