FAENERO NADALES III *2014, PRE stallion, 1,58m, price C

FAENERO NADALES III *2014, PRE stallion, 1,58m, price C

FAENERO NADALES III *01/05/2014 is a rarity! An absolute eye-catcher with his long thick mane and lovely conformation. He has the old type baroque built whereas his movements are stunning as well!  He is bred by the breeder Nadales, owned by a private person, ridden mainly by his daughter but also by a professional, but mainly used as a leisure horse. He has been to ferias and romerias before Corona when they still took place. He is a real ladies horse, gentle, charming and polite. His only slight little “beauty mistake” is a slight soft neck, as you can see in 1 of the pictures but it is hardly noticeable.  A nice hacking horse, safe and well forward going in walk, very pleasant ride, a gentleman throughout! He is easy to ride, also with loose reins, has a great over track in walk, certainly has a lot of potential for more dressage work. His movements are already showing best potential for dressage and sport which is his genetic disposal, being sired by Grandioso de Nadales ,  who has died 2020,  a breeding and dressage stallion by the very breeder, based mainly in important dressage lines such as Marin Garcia. His mother Faena Jal is mainly based in Yeguada Militar lines rooted in the Lenguage side, as well as Bohorquez and Cañizales.


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Basic Ridden, Hacking


C 10000-15000 Euro