ESTRELLA *2018, mare, price A

ESTRELLA *2018, mare, price A

ESTRELLA*15/5/2018  is an outstanding beautiful pinto filly, well moving and sweet. Living outside since birth, this filly is used to natural environment, even her mother, who is to be seen in the video, is a fantastic baroque shaped pinto mare, who has never ever lived in a box. Therefore these horses are healthy, naturally resistant and very sane also intelligent, curious, but also bonding easily as they have contact to their humans and love to come and be with them. She is living out there together with other foals and fillies, and with her full sister, Lluvia, who is also up for sale. On her video you may see their mother very well.  Her father was a fantastic chestnut stallion, tall and well-built. Unfortunately there is no picture of him available as he had been sold.

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Andalusien no Papers






A Up to 5000 Euro