Engañoso de Millan *2021, PRE stallion, 1,56m, price B

Engañoso de Millan *2021, PRE stallion, 1,56m, price B

Engañoso de Millan * 04/05/2021 is a very special, precious PRE colt from very best breeding lines. He is curious, bonding nicely to his human, moving well and now being started with the lunge. His owner is a young hobby rider who always likes to look for special PRE youngsters to prepare for the riding part. He has now found this amazing sweet PRE colt, which he is now bringing forward in sense of stable manners, touching him everywhere, a little natural horsemanship training etc. We were lucky to find this horse now as it is difficult to find such good quality horses at a decent price. His father Simpatico de Millan III   (here in TV )

Was the youngest mejorante approved PRE in the world! He has also achieved the approval level of calificado and recommended PRE dressage stallion by the Ancce! Simpatico is sired by mistic Fer Bago, former Spanish champion   who has also achieved many levels of approvals. These type of horses are on one hand baroque and strong built, the old type of PRE but also very athletic, long lasting horses ready to give everything for their human friend. His pedigree is full of important blood lines such as Escalera, Yeguada Militar, Marin Garcia.



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B 5000-10000 Euro