Embajador *2012, gelding, 1,56m, price C

Embajador *2012, gelding, 1,56m, price C

Embajador * 03/07/2012 is a pretty PRE rose grey gelding from the breeder Sebastian Brenes, where the youngsters are growing up in freedom together until they are 3-4 years old. This horse has a specially calm and relaxed character, he is ever so easy to handle and ride. He lifts his feet even before you lift them, and he  has a very trainable mind. Until now he has walk, trot, canter, hacks out safely and is absolutely well behaved and sociable next to other horses. Snaffle mouth, long reins, stretching the neck and back, wonderful to watch horse & rider in harmony!

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Andalusien no Papers




Basic Ridden, Hacking


C 10000-15000 Euro