DUQUE CCXXXIX *2009, PRE stallion, 1,63m, price B

DUQUE CCXXXIX *2009, PRE stallion, 1,63m, price B

Duque CCXXXIX *09/03/2009 is a well-built baroque PRE stallion, very well trained and ridden by a professional show trainer. He has also a lot of experience in hacking, no matter if they are going to a feria, along the road in groups including mares, or alone. He is always well behaved and listens to his rider. He is a great joy to ride as his training is well – established. He has piaffe, passage, Spanish walk, lateral work and moves flexible and elastic. His riding style is Spanish but easy to ride. As he has a slight breathing sound when working hard, he is being sold at a decent price, although this is not at all effecting his health or fitness. He has a Duque is sired by the pure Escalera stallion Duque LXVIII with ancestors also from Miura, and his mother’s lines are based in Carthusian origins, which is a wonderful combination of elegant, athletic origins with the beauty and traditional PRE look.


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Basic Ridden, Hacking, High School Dressage


B 5000-10000 Euro