Deseada *2014, mare, 1,63m, price B-fair price!

Deseada *2014, mare, 1,63m, price B-fair price!

Deseada *30/4/2014 is a nice tall Andalusian mare, very well ridden as well in the riding arena as outside. She is very used to hack out a lot no matter if alone or in company. In fact, Deseada is a female school master as she adapts to her rider, and she helps you to find the right button. She is very correctly ridden sensitive to your seat and body language, listens carefully and is a very willing person to work hard for you. Her movements are light and elastic, very easy going and comfortable for the rider. She makes you look very good on a horse, even without knowing half pass she teaches you the right way. She teaches you a light hand, steady seat and that little help is better than strong orders. She is being used as a guide horse for trekking tours but also used for students and clients who have little riding experience, she is a responsible mare taking care of her rider!

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Andalusien no Papers




Basic Ridden, Hacking


B 5000-10000 Euro