Descarado *2002, gelding, 1,57 m, price B-C

Descarado *2002, gelding, 1,57 m, price B-C

Andalusian gelding trained to a high level for show, leisure and as a school master

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Descarado is a special horse for leisure riding and show, well trained to a high level and easy to ride – ideal as a school master. He has been bred and risen by his very owner, being trained now since he was 3 years old by the same rider who has also used him in shows and presented him at Spanish high school dressage competitions. His best aspect is his character, as he is a sweet and easy bonding horse, being well educated and a gentleman to be around. As he has also been to many ferias and local romerias with his owner, Descarado is brave and laid back even in heavy traffic, with cars and lorries, no matter if you are alone or in company with more horses.He has piaffe, passage, Spanish walk, half pass in walk, trot and canter, Counter-Canter Pirouette & Multiple Flying Lead Changes Every 2-3 Strides Descarado is a versatile horse, he is easy and calm, and shows only his energy by biting in the bit, which he does much less in a snaffle. He also performs all the exercises ridden in a snaffle which makes him look much more relaxed and beautiful. He has a few little issues such as win galls and a little over bone, but he never showed any lameness or problem, since the rider has known him ever since he has been started.

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155-160 cm

Age class



B 5000-10000 Euro


Andalusien no Papers


Hacking, High School Dressage






1,57 m