Chripa *2013, mare, 1,55m, price A

Chripa *2013, mare, 1,55m, price A

Chripa is a lovely Andalusian mare, privately owned, very nice to ride, well trained in the basics including laterals, half pass in walk & trot, shoulder in, buttocks in, canter from walk and a little bit learning now flying changes. She has spirit and is a forward going mare but easily to control, a joy for advanced riders who like to enjoy amazing relaxed hacks in nature with her as she is very easy going as you can see in the video. She even canters on very long reins without loosing her rhythm! This mare ticks all your boxes if you like a combination of working in the riding school as well as hacking out! She is absolutely easy as well  alone as in company and may be kept in a box or in open fields. She has also been ridden in a side saddle on romerias! Chripa may be kept in a box or in a field, she is currently living outside together with a gelding.

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Andalusien no Papers




Basic Ridden, Dressage, Hacking


A Up to 5000 Euro