Chaquiro *2014, Lusitano stallion, 1,53m, price B

Chaquiro *2014, Lusitano stallion, 1,53m, price B

Chaquiro *03/01/2014 is a pure bred Lusitano stallion, coming from pure PSL lines but never got registered as pure PSL Lusitano, he has his international passport. He is a well ridden horse, very good mentally , far advanced for his age! He had been selected to become a bullfighting horse, and therefore does already a little lateral work and flying changes. Unfortunately he has also the sereta marks on his nose, but from now on he is only being ridden in a snaffle and will never have a sereta again, his usual rider is now the 13 year old boy who does a fantastic job! Chaquiro has been to ferias and local Romerias, and would suit any rider, as well advanced riders who might want to bring him to a higher level of training and use him as a doma vaquero or working equitation horse, as well as only leisure horse as he is bomb proof in traffic.

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Basic Ridden, Hacking


B 5000-10000 Euro