Chaparron III *2014, PRE stallion, 1,55m, price B

Chaparron III *2014, PRE stallion, 1,55m, price B

nephew of Fuego de Cardenas, the Olympic stallion!


Chaparron III *22/05/2014 is a young PRE stallion, bred and owned by the very same pre owner of the Olympic worldwide well-known stallion Fuego de Cardenas (former Fuego XII)! He had purchased Fuego and his brother Fandango 30 many years ago from the breeder Marquez Gonzalez as colts, risen and trained them, and more or less by chance Fuego had been discovered by the now owner Miguel Ángel de Cárdenas, Now this newcomer Chaparron III is sired by Fuegos brother Fandango 30 and discovered by us  in our own neighborhood, now started under the saddle by a friend, who is a gentle hobby rider and only ever rides on a snaffle. In fact you will not find any serretas nor hear any loud words in this stables! All the horses are being well kept and looked after, it is a mixed yard, and there are stallions, geldings and mares next to each other in the boxes and opposite each other, therefore Chaparron is ever so relaxed and has no stallion like behavior or manners whatsoever.

Chaparron has only been under the rider 10 times before, on the video it was the 11th time he ever got on him, and is already able to ride him in walk, trot and canter on a snaffle without lunge!  This horse is very calm and friendly, easy to train and may be taken over now for further training.

His father is sired by elite Bohorquez stallion Utrerano VII, same father as Fuego, and his lines are based in classical Yeguada Militar lines. Chaparron’s mother is a beautiful well-kept bay PRE mare, called Vaquera XIV (see pictures), same owner and stable as Chaparron, she is a successful mare for driving competitions!  She is granddaughter of the fantastic breeding stallion Banano III from pure Carthusian origins, from the Indalo breeder near us as well, famous for the most beautiful PREs and well-moving expressive horses!


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Basic Ridden, Started under Saddle


B 5000-10000 Euro