Cervantes *2009, gelding, 1,61m, price B

Cervantes *2009, gelding, 1,61m, price B

versatile horse for leisure and pleasure as well as for cmpetitions in Working Equitation, goes to ferias & romerias, children can ride him

Cervantes *05/05/2009 has a solid basic training in the riding arena by a professional rider, which includes a little half pass and travers, backwards and Spanish Walk. He can do all travers for the competitions in working equitation, to open and close gates, walk backwards and lateral, stop and reacts nicely and is an easy going horse, easy to control and fun to ride. He has been to local ferias and romerias which makes him a bomb proof horse in traffic and in the countryside. The kids love to hack out with him on weekends, passing rivers and to the beach. He is very sociable with other horses. He submits confidence and has comfortable gaits.

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Andalusien no Papers


Basic Ridden, Doma Vaquera Working Equitation, Hacking, High School Dressage


B 5000-10000 Euro